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15 Mar, 2023
Posted inTraining Science


There are several differences in the training and nutritional approaches of elite runners and amateur runners. These differences arise from  Read more »

07 Mar, 2023
Posted inNews, Triathlon

First place in The Ultraman Challenge Israel 2023 – Giannis Koutsouradis of Tzanetakis Lab

In 1st place in The Ultraman Challenge Israel for the ultra athlete Giannis Koutsouradis of Tzanetakis Lab Only four Greeks  Read more »

19 Jan, 2023
Posted inNews

Nikos Rodopoulos won the podium 2nd place in the 2nd Koumaria Trail Series

Nikos Rodopoulos won the podium 2nd place in the 2nd Koumaria Trail Series, and in the 42 km race with  Read more »

18 Jan, 2023
Posted inTraining Science

Concurrent training, resistance exercise (weights, etc.), with aerobic endurance training. Is muscular hypertrophy affected and how? (Increase in muscle mass – volume)

Researchers have been studying the effects of combining aerobic and resistance training on muscle growth (hypertrophy). Some previous research suggested  Read more »

07 Jan, 2023
Posted inTraining Science

Key Performance Factors in Endurance Sports

The following presentation shows the basic parameters that affect performance and the basic physiological responses of the body to training  Read more »

22 Nov, 2022
Posted inNews

39th Athens Marathon. The Authentic: Like a candle.

This race was a prayer for meThe rendition of honor, respect and above all, love in the face of the  Read more »

21 Nov, 2022
Posted inNews

3rd place in the 11th Oxirou Nimfeas Race: Orestis Tsonidis

3rd place for Tzanetakis Lab Athlete Orestis Tsonidis in the 11th Oxirou Nimfeas Race 32 km with a time of  Read more »

01 Nov, 2022
Posted inNews

3rd place – Dromos Athanaton : Maria Polyzoi

Impressive 3rd place for Maria Polyzoi on the 8th Dromo Athanaton 142km with a time of 16:17:20. With a personal  Read more »

17 Oct, 2022
Posted inNews

1st place – ROUT 2022

Jo Manta climbed on the highest step of the podium after 175km and +9000 positive altitude gain, thus completing a  Read more »

12 Oct, 2022
Posted inNews

VFT 2022: 2nd place for Lamprinos – 7th place for Litsas

2nd place at the podium for Kostas Lambrinos and 1st at his age group at the VFUT 165km ultra trail  Read more »

05 Oct, 2022
Posted inNews

IRONMAN Barcelona

Barcelona Iron Man Finisher Giorgos Vittakis, the youngster of Tzanetakis Lab (22 years old) finished his first full distance Ironman  Read more »

04 Oct, 2022
Posted inNews

National Champion 2022 in Practical Shooting

National Champion 2022 in Practical Shooting for Alex Sklavis Aim High Alex Work Hard in Silence Let Success make the  Read more »

03 Oct, 2022
Posted inNews

Personal Best – Spartathlon 2022

Stelios Lozios succeed 1 hour Personal Best in Spartathlon 2022 ultra race with finishing time of 31:37:26 and 6th place  Read more »

25 Sep, 2022
Posted inNews

7th position at Time Trial Greek National Championship 2022

Great Personal Best +25 watt Normalized Power after 3 months and... 7th position at Time Trial Greek National Championship for  Read more »

16 Aug, 2022
Posted inNews

1st place in the Transylvania 6 Days

1st place for Sakis Stimoniaris in the 6 days of Transylvania that took place in Reghin, Romania. With an epic  Read more »

14 Jul, 2022
Posted inNews

Second place for Tzanetakis Lab athlete Jo Manta at ”The World’s Toughest Foot Race”

Greek Runner Georgia ( Jo ) Manta won 2nd place in the women's category and 6th overall in ''The World's  Read more »

04 Jul, 2022
Posted inNews

3rd place in age group and personal route record

3rd place for Fanis Kidonis in his age group and personal route record

04 Jul, 2022
Posted inNews

4th place – 2nd Greek in Olympus Mythical Trail

4th in general ranking and 2nd Greek Kostas Lambrinos at the Olympus Mythical Trail 100Km, continuing his winning streak.

13 Jun, 2022
Posted inNews

Zygactis Trail Run 2022 Multiple Successes for Tzanetakis Lab

Athanasios Stemoniaris: 1st age category , 2nd General Ranking. Kostas Tsoumaridis: 2nd age category, 4th General Ranking. Panagiotis Litsas: 5th  Read more »

06 Jun, 2022
Posted inNews

3rd place in age category – Half marathon Rodopis

In his first appearance, Marios Papahatzis won 3rd place in the 1st Half Marathon Rodopis. Work Hard in Silence Let  Read more »

01 Jun, 2022
Posted inNews

2nd place-1st Greek on the Dolichos road

Kostas Labrinos ranked 2nd in general ranking (first greek) on Dolichos road – Delfoi – Olympia – 255km long and  Read more »

01 Jun, 2022
Posted inNews

Qualifying for the Greek Cycling Championship

Continuing his steadily ascending course Fanis Kydonis won the qualification for the Greek Cycling Championship by finishing 7th in the  Read more »

01 Jun, 2022
Posted inNews

6th place in Pirene Xtreme Triathlon

Giannis Koutouradis’ incredible performance at Pirene Xtreme Triathlon, just two weeks after his impressive race at the IRONMAN World Championship  Read more »

01 Jun, 2022
Posted inNews

3rd place in Panorama Frozen Peaks

Thanasis Stimoniaris after 269 km and 12659 m positive altitude, climbed on the third step of the podium at Panorama  Read more »

01 Jun, 2022
Posted inNews

2nd place in age category – Almiraman

After one year, Giorgos Vittakis returned to the Almiraman, improving his personal record by 30 min and winning the 2nd  Read more »

01 Jun, 2022
Posted inNews

1st Place and Route Record at Efxidios Athlos

In the lead-up to the Badwater 135 (in July) Georgia Jo Manta made a first stop, winning the 1st place  Read more »

01 Jun, 2022
Posted inNews

IRONMAN World Championship Utah 2022 Giannis Koutsouradis

The World Championship medal is very “heavy”. Especially when it comes after an epic race (from the 218 position in  Read more »

04 Apr, 2022
Posted inTraining Science, Training Science

The interval training method VS the continuous training method Which is best for VO2max (Maximum Oxygen Uptake) improvement?

Aerobic capacity, cardiorespiratory endurance, is directly related to the ability to produce physical work and is important for the health  Read more »

28 Mar, 2022
Posted inTraining Science

Endurance athletes – Does resistance training (weights etc.) help? How to apply it

Resistance training (weights , elastic bands and some body weight exercises) and plyometrics are an integral part of endurance -  Read more »

13 Mar, 2022
Posted inNews

3rd place in the 1st CCR

Fanis Kydonis 3rd place in the 1st CCR (1st Chios Cup Match) A good start, a promise of an even  Read more »

06 Mar, 2022
Posted inNews

A nice start – Promise for the future

Kostas Labrinos at the start of a new course in the mountain ultra marathons, won the second place in his  Read more »

28 Jan, 2022
Posted inNews

1st Place in the 80km Gira Manis race

Ilias Karaiosif won the first place in the 80km Gira Manis race with a time of 7:26Ilias worked silently and  Read more »

19 Jan, 2022
Posted inGeneral

Choosing a coach: Selection criteria

It is widely accepted that much can be done to empower and educate trainees so that they can make a  Read more »

19 Jan, 2022
Posted inTraining Science

The training zones in endurance training

Training zones in running, cycling, swimming etc Part Α Which are the training zones? The different training intensities cause different  Read more »

19 Jan, 2022
Posted inExercise physiology


The biological adaptations of the body and the improvement of physical condition is something that is achieved through training and  Read more »

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