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Adjusted to your available time & goals!

Personalised strength training programme with scientific instructions and performance supervision.

Customized Training Programme

The Customized training approach of Tzanetakis Lab involves personalised programmes, which are based on the training background of each athlete-trainee, his/her anthropometric characteristics and the results of either ergometric values or field tests. Their compilation is centered around optimising the athlete/trainee’s available time, and the desired and appropriate goal.

Training intensities are determined by heart rate zones, subjective perception of the trainee's fatigue, rhythms / speeds, or Normalized Power for cyclists. The values recorded in the ergometric - laboratory tests,or those recorded on the training grounds, are also factors that are taken into account.

Additional strengthening programmes in the gym, or any other available space, which alternate according to the long-term design and in harmony with the respective endurance training exercises, are also to be found in the training quiver of each trainee.


Achieved Goals

Correct exercise techniques, as demonstrated in videos by elite athletes of our team, and under the scientific guidance of Tzanetakis Ioannis, eliminate any possibility of implementing incorrect techniques during the execution of the exercise.

Scientific instructions related to hydrating are within the reach of the athletes – trainees. These instructions have been put to the test and have proven to be optimal. Thus, dehydration, physical exhaustion due to the inability to replenish energy reserves, electrolyte disturbances, gastrointestinal disorders and a host of other problems that the body will probably have to deal with, are completely eliminated. Nutritional instructions regarding the maximisation of the benefit of each training unit according to its special requirements.

Online communication with the trainer once a week (mail, viber, messenger) and by phone when an exceptional case arises that can not be covered by the above means.

Αdjusting the programme to the needs of the athlete/trainee

Each training programme is adapted to the needs of the athlete as per his/her available time & the desired goal.



Why you can trust us

We create training interventions that optimise and ensure athletic progress.

30 years of scientific knowledge and experience leading to increased & improved performance

Personalised programme, based on the coaching background of each athlete – trainee

We expand our horizons daily to help you exceed your limits


From the elite athlete level to the “daily trainee” and clinical populations, anyone can join the Unlimited / Customized programmes. Even if you have been training for decades, or if tomorrow is the first day in your life that you will exercise, you now have the opportunity to upgrade your fitness level.

The training plan is designed and carried out exclusively by Giannis Tzanetakis, whose scientific background and coaching experience guarantee the desired results.

The programme is delivered to your email as an attached file. In addition, you receive strengthening programmes, plus training video from the drive as well related to running drills, plyometric exercises and video links of basic techniques for strengthening exercises with “weights” – resistance.

The programme is compiled, from the annual planning, to its weekly structure and daily training, on an online platform which the athlete can access. Each workout can be downloaded to the “watches – heart rate monitors” of the athlete and at the same time be accessed it via the mobile application of the platform and its web version.

The weekly Customized programme is compiled based on the trainee’s lifestyle and his/her competitive goal. Discussing it with the trainer allows the adaptation of the training sessions to the way of life of the trainee with key and decisive interventions.

Should you select the Unlimited programme, you may change your workout every day. The constantly changing obligations in the life of the trainee, but also changes in the rehabilitation ability are integrated in the programme’s constant modification.

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